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Bobcat 463

  • The compact Bobcat 463 skid-steer loader is small enough to get in the tight spots, yet tough enough to get you out.
  • This agile little workhorse is only 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide the ideal size for scooting through narrow doorways, corridors, aisles, alleys and gates, and for working under low ceilings.
  • It’s the perfect loader whenever the job is too big for a shovel or the space is too small for a larger machine in backyards, barns, construction sites and demolition areas.
  • This loader takes a 36″ wide bucket.
  • The machine weight is 2600lbs.
  • Lift capacity 800lbs.
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Mini Track Loader MT52

  • No need for wheelbarrows, shovels or other hand tools when you roll onto tight jobsites with this impressive machine.
  • Just 3 feet wide with a bucket, the MT52 goes through gates, doorways or other narrow spaces with ease.
  • It works and maneuvers in cramped spaces just as easily.
  • Use it to sweep warehouse floors, prepare lawns for seeding, bore under driveways for utility lines and much more.
  • The MT52 delivers all the rugged dependability you can expect from the Bobcat brand, along with the jobsite convenience of a walk-behind mini track loader.
  • A variety of hydraulic attachments are available, from breakers to augers.
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Bobcat S175 / Floatation Tires

  • The S175 is the beginning of the vertical lift path line up.
  • This entry level machine is very maneuverable in tight areas, has ample auxiliary hydraulic flow to run the majority of attachments.
  • It has excellent reach at the top of its lift cycle for loading trucks or pallet fork applications.
  • Great all around visibility.
  • Easy maneuverability in tight areas and fast cycle times add to your productivity.
  • This machine takes a 60″ bucket.
  • The lift capacity is 1700lbs.
  • The machine weight is 5900lbs.
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Mini Excavator

Mini Excavator 323 7’ Dig

  • Reach farther and dig deeper with the 323.
  • Hydraulically retract the undercarriage to only 39 inches to travel through gates or between homes.
  • Expand to 54 inches for a wider footprint and greater performance.
  • The extra reach of the Bobcat 323 enables you to reach farther and dig faster with minimal repositioning.
  • Equipped with the same hydraulic system as a larger Bobcat excavator.
  • The 323 has impressive cycle times and break-out forces to complete jobs faster.
  • The system’s torque-limiting piston pump is able to sense and react to hydraulic loads, for better utilization of the engine’s torque curve.
  • Different size buckets are available.
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Mini Excavator

Mini Excavator 325 8’ Dig

  • Replace labor-intensive projects with a reliable 325 compact excavator and move to the next project sooner.
  • The 325, with its multi-attachment versatility, can dig everything from trenches to postholes.
  • Break up concrete and carve landscape features.
  • Its compact size and rubber track flotation allows you to have excellent flotation through mud.
  • Protects established lawns and sensitive hardscapes.
  • This multi-purpose machine is able to work in spaces where larger excavators could never fit.
  • Different size buckets are available.
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Mini Excavator

Mini Excavator 331 10’ Dig

  • A mainstay in the Bobcat compact excavator lineup.
  • The 331 exceeds expectations with its smooth operations, fast cycle times and durable components.
  • You are able to tow the lightweight 331 behind a one-ton truck.
  • Reach areas other machines couldn’t even imagine and work circles around backhoe loaders on jobsites.
  • It has the power you need to take on jobs ranging from footing and sewer lines to retaining walls and swimming pools.
  • Different size buckets are available.
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Mini Excavator

Mini Excavator 337 / 341 13’ Dig

  • The heavy-duty 337 combines exceptional digging depths and a long reach in a compact frame.
  • Routinely outworks conventional excavating machines.
  • More productive than a loader backhoe when working in limited access areas.
  • Different size buckets are available.
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Mini Excavator

Mini Excavator 425 8’ Dig

  • The Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) 425 compact excavator complements conventional tail swing models for limited-access jobs.
  • Compared to other ZTS excavators, the 425 has a larger cab opening and more operating room and superior service access to the engine and hydraulic system.
  • The 425 is an ideal model for the rental market because of size, operating weight and attachment versatility.
  • The 425 fills a gap in the Bobcat line of excavators and is ideal in rental, construction, landscaping and utility markets.
  • Different size buckets are available.
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Ditch Witch Model 1230

  • Mechanical digging drive.
  • Hydrostatic ground drive.
  • Operator can stop the digging chain and ground drive but keep the engine running by releasing the handlebar bail.
  • A compact trencher that easily fits through a standard yard gate.
  • Ditch Witch model 1230 self-propelled walk behind.
  • Manually steered.
  • Two-wheel drive.
  • Rigid frame.
  • Chain type trencher.
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Diesel Welder

Diesel Arc Welder – 300 Amp

  • This CC (constant current) welder delivers up to 300 amps of DC welding power
  • Additionally, it provides up to 10KW of 120/240 volt AC power
  • Low noise level produces only 59 dBA.
  • Comes with 2 Terminal, Electrode and Ground Cables Extra 1/0 x 50′
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Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift Electric 19’

  • Consistent with Skyjack’s robust and reliable design features.
  • The SJIII3219 offers an easy to service, low maintenance design in a compact and versatile package.
  • Featuring a 3′ roll out extension deck.
  • A working height of 25′ and 25% gradeability.
  • The SJIII3219 boasts an industry leading capacity of 550lbs.
  • Equipped with variable speed front wheel hydraulic drive and 90 degree steering.
  • It is capable of maneuvering into the smallest spaces.
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Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift Electric 26’

  • Drivable at full height.
  • The SJIII4626 offers a working height of 32′.
  • Gradeability of 25% and features a 4′ roll out extension deck that can be secured in multiple positions.
  • Consistent with Skyjack’s robust and reliable design features.
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Scissor Lift

Scissor Lift 27’ Rough Terrain (Dual Fuel)

  • The SJ7127 combines solid and powerful design elements to meet the demands of the most challenging jobsite environments.
  • A working height of 33′ and a capacity of 1,500lbs.
  • The SJ7127 features a standard 4.5′ roll out extension deck adds to the already generous platform size, giving a combined 75 square feet of platform space.
  • Consistent with Skyjack’s robust and reliable design features.
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Post Hole Auger – 2 Man

  • This auger solves a variety of drilling problems ranging from simple vertical holes in ice to drilling through the most demanding soil.
  • Augers are used by fencing crews, forest service personnel, highway repair crews, landscape gardeners, local maintenance authorities and vineyard keepers.
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